The Dangers of Flouroquinolones and Your Health

Fluoroquinolones, also known as FQLs are very popular in the US. Each year, not fewer than 26 million people are given a prescription for these antibiotics. Studies conducted recently, and backed by peer reviewed articles, have associated a risk between the use of these antibiotics and aortic aneurysms, aortic ruptures or aortic dissection,

Avelox, Levaquin and Cipro are capable of causing serious harm to the people who use them. Using these drugs increases the risk of devastating injuries from aortic dissection or aneurysm by 124% to 143%. A 60 -day use of these antibiotics within the past year carries a 48% increased risk of causing harmful health conditions. Aortic dissections and aortic aneurysms are both lethal. The condition is characterized by the weakening of the aortic walls, which may result in the leak and eventual rupture of the largest blood vessel in the body.

Almost 15,000 people die each year in America from aortic aneurysms. The significance of this data came under the searchlight of Scientists, causing them to embark on various studies, the results of which were published in The British Medical Journal and The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2015. These studies linked the drugs to collagen damage, capable of resulting in aneurysms and aortic dissections. Studies conducted as far back as the beginning of the 2000’s, strongly connected the use of Fluoroquinolones and tendon rupture, blamed on collagen damage. Accordingly, the FDA has made it compulsory that a warning label must be attached to these antibiotics about their tendon damage risk. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of these drugs have failed to warn users about the harm the drugs could cause.

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