So Your Disability Claim Was Denied…

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, there are a few things that you need to know how our system functions, particularly when you are thinking about whether or not to enlist the help of a Social Security disability lawyer. While you are under no obligation to solicit legal advice anytime in the procedure, you might need to consider it, particularly if your initial claim is denied.

The process of applying for Social Security Disability can be difficult. You must fill out the application yourself, in spite of the fact that you may seek counsel with a legal adviser to ensure you are filing the application out accurately and giving the greater part of the vital medical records and test outcomes that relate to your disability. An experienced Social Security disability attorney like Jeff Roberts & Associates, PLLC can be especially useful if your initial claim is denied. As a result of the way the system is set up, most initial claims are denied, and benefits are granted at a later date. Employing a legal advisor can build your odds of getting the benefits you deserve. Government researchers have shown that individuals who enlist a lawyer to explore the appeals procedure will probably get benefits easier than the individuals who file an appeal without legitimate advice.

A Social Security disability lawyer will help you with each part of the appeals process, including:

  • Securing a comprehensive copy of your medical records, including all pertinent test results;
  • Giving a lawful clarification of any records that may point out that you are not disabled;
  • Addressing witnesses at your court hearing, inclusive of your own and any others whom the judge calls upon;
  • Get you ready for the sorts of questions you can hope to be asked in a hearing.

Common Mistakes When Applying for Benefits

The procedure for applying for Social Security Disability advantages can be confounded, befuddling, and overwhelming. With a specific end goal to effectively secure the benefits you require, realizing what not to do is as critical as knowing the right strides to take.

Below are the most widely recognized oversights that individuals make when they apply for Social Security disability benefits.

  • Collecting unemployment benefits amid the Social Security Disability application process:Technically, you are permitted to get unemployment benefits while applying for disability, yet an analyst can consider this element while figuring out if you are disabled. In the event that you are collecting unemployment and apprising the state employment division that you have put in for jobs that need physical work, your demand for Social Security benefits might be denied.
  • Failure to appeal: more than half of all candidates who have been denied benefits neglect to appeal or demand a hearing.
  • Failure to get medical care: While less rampant, a few people don’t try to get treatment for their medical condition, which implies there may not be sufficient verification to bolster their application.
  • Wrongly concluding that you can’t bear the cost of a Social Security disability lawyer: Social Security legal counselors regularly just charge a fee in the event that they win the case. By then, the attorney’s expenses are removed from the disability grant.
  • Neglecting to check the status of your claim: It is vital to check the status of your outstanding claim on the grounds that sometimes, the Social Security Administration will either misplace the paperwork or neglect to inform a candidate about the status of their case.
  • Missing the appeal deadline: It is the petitioner’s obligation to know the date of the deadline for the appeal, which usually is 60 days counting from the date of a disability claim’s last denial. In the event that you miss the due date, you may need to begin the procedure once again.
  • Being caught off guard for your Social Security disability hearing: It is vital that you have the greater part of the medical proof that is needed when the date of your hearing approaches.
  • Failure to take the best possible medication: If do not comply with the treatment your specialist suggests, including pharmaceuticals, your application might be denied.

If you need help receiving Social Security Disability, please do not hesitate to call Jeff Roberts & Associates, PLLC at . Their experienced attorneys can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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