Injuries in the Workplace

Many injuries that occur at work sites are preventable. Oftentimes, individuals die from injuries so grievous that there is little or no chance of recovery. However there are proper measures that can be put in place to avoid accidents at worksites.

Each work site must have a manual of safety regulations that must be obeyed to the letter in order to complete designated tasks. Some places of employment usually penalize workers who break the guidelines outlined in these manuals. Other employers have these safety regulations written out in booklets, and which are explicated during training exercise. However, when employers are trying to minimize costs, preventable accidents may become regular due to ignored rules or procedures.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration often conducts assessments on companies for dangers and dangerous materials and substances. This is usually by appointment. On completion, they provide a manual on how these materials and substances should be properly handled. They also explain safety protocols that should be adopted in certain situations, and some of which must be adopted in the business in question. Sometimes, certificates are issued to management of these businesses for adhering to the OSHA standards. However, if these standards are not followed, these certificates are withdrawn from companies and slammed with fines as well. These are the situations where workers may have been injured to a point of no recovery, with death clearly in sight.

Deaths in Jobsite Safety Failures

According to a study, there are five major causes of deaths. These include but are not limited to diseases of the heart, respiratory diseases, cancer in different forms, and other unintentional injuries that occur in or while functioning at a worksite. However, there is a 20 to 40 percent chance that in some deaths could have been avoided if the safety procedures had been obeyed to the letter. Ultimately, injury could be avoided if safety rules are obeyed, and death is usually from injuries met while working for these companies. There are enough protocols available to prevent such potential accidents, but when there are budget cuts and a resolution to minimize cost, fatalities become standard at work sites.

These five major causes of death account for the death of nearly one million American citizens in a year alone and unfortunately these deaths could have been prevented if these safety protocols had been put in place. According to the information supplied by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with proper consideration to certain factors, one-third of these fatalities could have been prevented. Fewer deaths are possible if certain circumstances were considered in these situations. Estimates have been reached through meticulous research into these avoidable fatalities. Safety, education and other forms of prevention may be utilized effectively.

Statistics from the CDC

While there is about 34 percent of premature heart disease deaths, a majority of these premature deaths could have been delayed through adequate assistance. This could also be said of the 21 percent cases of cancer fatalities. With appropriate procedures and protocols, more than 90,000 heart disease deaths could have been delayed, and 84,000 people could have lived longer if they had been properly treated for cancer. There are also those with various forms of respiratory disease and complications. Over 25,000 of these individuals have chronic lower forms if respiratory issues, and who would have lived longer but with improper assistance. 33 percent of patients with stroke could have also lived longer if they had the proper medication. This translates that over 15,000 individuals could have survived the first wave of damage in an accident and live longer. Nearly half of these unintentional accidents could have been totally avoided or managed just so that about 40,000 individuals can recover from injury and avoid death. In order to reduce the number of deaths, treatment, preventive measures and safety protocols must be strictly adhered to by management and workers alike.

Unintentional Injury

Countless unintentional injuries have been known to eventually lead to death. However, there are ways to reduce risks and render them harmless thus preventing these deaths. It is therefore important to be acquainted with the risks out there. Some may be avoided if the victim had followed the proper protocols. Using seat belts has been found to save a lot of lives, so non-usage of seat belts should be corrected. Also, to prevent possible head or brain damage when driving motorcycles, helmets should be worn at all times. The only way one can avoid harm through unsafe products is through the manufacturer or distributor correcting such defects. Safe job sites must also be drug and alcohol free work zones.

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