Commercial Truck Accidents and Negligence

Jeff Roberts & Associates, PLLC

About 110,000 people are injured in commercial truck accidents every year and another 3,900 are killed. Bicyclists, drivers, pedestrians and motorcyclists all fall victim to this mishap. Victims and their families have a right to seek compensation when the cause of the accident is due to negligence. However, not all accidents are a result of negligence. You should know how to tell the difference and the necessary steps to take if you or someone you love is injured or killed in a commercial truck crash.

Common Types of Negligence

Loading crews, maintenance crews, the trucking company or others may also act negligently and not just the driver. This makes it difficult to trace and identify the true nature and cause of the semi-truck accident. They put the life of other road users at risk.

Victims can improve their chances of determining if negligence was a factor by knowing the most common types, including:

  • Violations of local or state traffic laws and/or FMCSA regulations;
  • Improper inspection or maintenance of its cargo and the trucks;
  • the intoxicated state of the driver;
  • Untrained, unlicensed, or unqualified drivers;
  • Improper loading of cargo;
  • Company failing to randomly test drivers for drug and/or alcohol use;
  • Driving too fast for traffic, road, or weather conditions; and
  • Reckless or aggressive driving (speeding, tailgating, intimidating other drivers, unnecessary lane changes, threatening other drivers and so on)

When You Suspect Negligence

A practical example of an obvious form of neglect is, an intoxicated driver. The victim or the emergency response teams will notice the driver’s state. Other forms of negligence are difficult to detect and an investigate. Most times, it requires getting statements by accident reconstruction experts, maintenance records, thorough examination of log books, inspection records and so on. This will ensure that all bases are covered and that the investigation is carried out in an efficient and precise way. It is very important that you have a qualified attorney to guide you, throughout the process.

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